KAEFER International Tunnel Potection back in Sweden


KITP is happy to announce a pleasing order intake.

KAEFER International Tunnel Protection back in Sweden

KITP is happy to announce a pleasing order intake. This is the fire protection using Shotcrete for tunnel in Åkarp in the project Lund Arlöv 4 spår in in the vicinity of Malmö.

In just one month, 8,500 m2 of spray plaster has to be applied. As always both, the work preparation and the process, must fit. The construction of tunnels in Sweden is nothing new for KITP, as it has already worked successfully in Sweden in the past. 

So now it's like "coming home." 

This service is performed for Trafikverket and the NCC/OHL joint venture. 

Already during the start of the contract, the client was very cooperative, and we look forward to the project realization. 

This can certainly lead to a good partnership, with the aim of long-term end-customer loyalty to KITP.

We wish the project team every success in its implementation in this new cross-border task in pandemic times.

KITP goes Sweden